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Experiential Learning and Nutrition

Experiential Learning

通过具体课程的开发, our Grow Ahead Program's gardening initiative will not only teach students lessons related to nutrition, 同时也提供关于可持续发展的经验学习, the outdoors, plants and animals. 这不仅有助于发展我们学生的思想, 还能帮助他们的身体参与体育活动. We look forward to our new outdoor space being able to be used by our teachers for classes like movement, music, art, science, and teaching life-skills. 



当我们的beat365官方网站大全的学生参加种植和收获日, 他们正在接受实践科学, technology, engineering, arts and math) education. 他们参加各种活动,从播种开始, cutting down ready-to-eat plants, composting soil, and preparing foods, 同时接受营养学和植物生物学等主题的课程. Although all the immediate benefits of positive nutrition are possible through eating fresh produce alone, research has shown that hands-on education, 特别是从种籽到餐盘的全程参与, 养成终生良好的饮食和营养习惯.

  • Immediate benefits


  • Short term benefits

    - Increased willingness to try new foods

  • Long term benefits



Organic Gardening

为了种植出营养最丰富的食物, 我们专门使用堆肥有机土壤来种植蔬菜. The reason for this is because science has shown there is a large link between agricultural practices, soil health, and nutrition. 为了保持有机土壤的健康, 我们在植物上使用的唯一肥料也是有机的. 堆肥土壤是养分最密集的土壤, 因为里面有分解的有机物质. When you grow plants in this, 土壤中的所有养分都被转移到植物中, 当你吃这些植物时,它们会转移到你身上吗. 所有食物在未经加工和新鲜的时候是最有营养的, which is why children at CCGC routinely get to eat and take home fresh produce harvested the same day in our garden.